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Folk Dance Ensemble „Dardedze” was founded in 1972 in Riga - the capital city of Latvia. DARDEDZE is a very rarely used word in Latvian language. It means the Rainbow and can be found only in a dialect spoken in the Western part of Latvia. The main repertoire of the dance group is comprised of the Latvian folk dance choreographies based on ethnographic and folklore dance and music materials coming mainly from 19th and 20th century. These choreographies have been created in various periods, some even dating back to 1960s or 70s (often called a "golden foundation" of Latvian folk-dance repertoire) as well as very recent ones created this year, for instance.

This broad range of various choreographies allows us to vary the dance shows including different types of dances coming from all regions of Latvia, depicting various stories, revealing unique Latvian symbolic ornaments that have deep roots in our cultural heritage. For performances we wear copies of 19th century folk costumes of all regions of Latvia.

This way of performing the Latvian folk dance is a very popular tradition. It is facilitated starting from kindergartens, throughout the elementary and secondary schools, universities and other cultural unions thus involving people of all generations to take part.

The utmost celebration of this tradition is the National Song and Dance Festival taking place every five years - being a participant is an honor for any group and we have to pass a contest to manage that. Dancing in a big stadium together with other 13 000 dancers is a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world!

The slogan of „Dardedze” is: „I can, You can, We can! Cement!”

Contact us:

Artistic leader Ilze Kronberga
e-mail: ilze.kronberga77@gmail.com

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